We live in uncommon times and Fourth & Main Journal strives to do justice to the art and culture they produce. Through an international network of skilled and impassioned journalists, we bring you the original voices, real-life stories and global issues that affect us all.

Our biannual publication has been devised, written, photographed and edited exclusively by a small group of young creatives. The ethos of the magazine is to provide a platform for a new generation of writers and artists and to showcase our seasonal capsule menswear collections. This issue contains our Paris Autumn/Winter ‘12 photo-shoot that channels Fourth & Main’s modern twist on classic, elegant staples.

This second volume of the Journal features interviews with Ben Whishaw - one of the most gifted and sensitive actors of his generation, director Steve James on his superb inner-city documentaries Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters, Turkish artist Pinar Yolaçan on her magnetic new series of painted, plus-size women, the mercurial Manchester band Money and much more.

Our writers address the polarisation of American politics, the rise and rise of modern Turkey and the golden age in TV drama. In a very special piece Anthony Neil sends dispatches back from his time embedded with the Kachin Independence Army in northern Burma. As one of the only Western journalists with access to this under-reported conflict, we feel very privileged to bring you his story.

We hope you pick up a Journal and find a voice inside that moves you like it did us.